Service Times:

Matins -- daily at 8 a.m.
Bible Study -- Sundays and Feast Days 11:00 a.m., and daily following Matins
Holy Mass -- Sundays and Feast Days at 9:30 a.m.
Vespers -- daily at 6 p.m.
Catechism -- Monday through Friday following Vespers

Private Confession and Absolution-- Saturday following Vespers, and at the Vespers preceding a Feast Day or by appointment.

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Mission

A Mission Served by The Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America

6725 Quartz Avenue

Mayer, MN

(952) 657-2714

Rev. Deacon Jerry Dulas

(952) 412-7229


Saint Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Mission is a mission endeavor of The Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA). It is served by the Reverend Deacon Jerry Dulas, a member of ELDoNA, and called Deacon of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Tony, WI. Deacon Dulas was assigned by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church with the task of being missionary-at-large to Minnesota and Wisconsin with the intention of establishing orthodox, confessional, and liturgical parishes.

 Saint Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Mission was formed in order to facilitate the establishment of these parishes. There is currently an endeavor to form a congregation in Mayer, MN. It is temporarily meeting in the home of Deacon Dulas, until a more suitable location can be found.

 Worship times are posted on this homepage, and all are welcome to come to worship with us. Everyone is also welcome to come at the times posted for Bible Study and Catechesis to learn more about the Scriptures and the Lutheran teachings.

 Anyone who desires to learn more about our teachings, or to see examples of what we preach, may follow the appropriate links. For those who wish to be a part of establishing and joining this parish, may contact the Deacon through the contact link, and he will provide you with information on what that involves.

 Other mission activities are in the plans to establish similar parishes throughout MN and WI. If you live in MN or WI, and are desiring to form an orthodox, confessional, and liturgical congregation in your area, please contact Deacon Dulas to discuss it.